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Treatments / Tanning


The fastest way to obtain that golden glow

(to achieve a perfect tan consult our tanning checklist)

X e n T a n  

Suitable for even the most sensitive skins - including psoriasis and dermatitis sufferers. Also suitable for pregnant women. Organic &paraben free

Full body Xen Tan £25

Half Body Xen Tan £15

Full Body Rapid Tan £28 (wash off in 1,2,3 hours depending on how dark you like it)

Half Body Rapid Tan £18 (wash off in 1,2,3 hours depending on how dark you like it)

Ergoline Sunbed

Enjoy a unique tanning experience encapsulated within the ergonomically designed solarium - fully air conditioned, music on board, optional and additional tanning panels.

1 minute £1.00 | 3 minutes £2.00 | 6 minutes £4.00 | 10 minutes £7.00 | 60minutes £34.00

Tanning Checklist

To achieve a perfect tan all clients must......

1. Exfoliate and moisturise regularly prior to treatment, paying particular attention to dry areas e.g- elbows, knees, hands and feet.

2. Any hair removal should be completed 24 hrs prior to tanning application and waxing 48hrs prior to tanning.

3. Shower before the treatment - ensuring all products including shower gel are thoroughly washed off.

4. Do not wear any deodorant, perfume, body lotions or make-up on the day of treatment.

5. Bring loose, dark clothing and flip-flops.

6. Allow tan a minimum of 8 hours to develop.

7. To enhance & prolong tan daily moisturising is essential.